Consultation is an extremely important aspect of treatment. 
thinking about top plastic surgery by best plastic cosmetic surgeon in india kolkataIt is preferable not to jump into any surgery; but to go into it after taking an informed mature decision. A good surgeon would prefer patients to think about the aftercare in details and then commit to surgery. Perfect results are very important to all. It is better to not perform any procedure unless it can be made sure that the patient’s expectations may be matched by surgical skills and expertise.

Essential Steps of Consultation - The Proverbial  5 'C's

thinking about best plastic cosmetic surgeon in india kolkata1. Change: Think deeply about the change you want to see in you and why you want it. 

2. Check credentials of your surgeon
Check if your surgeon is well qualified, well trained and ethical. Check if he has a degree in Plastic Surgery recognized by Medical Council of India. Surgeons who are doubly trained in General Surgery and then in Plastic Surgery are usually better in providing best results.

3. Good Consultation which should answer all your queries.
Know about your procedure in details. Utilize materials in the website of ASPS ; ASAPS and BAPRAS. 

4. Cool once before you commit
results after top plastic surgery at affordable costs by best plastic cosmetic surgeon in india kolkataAll cosmetic procedures, both surgical and non-surgical, should be approached in a safe and considered way. It is preferable not to rush in.  It's better if you take your time till you get a nice impression about the surgery and its after care. 

5. Care about your aftercare 
Aftercare is just as important as surgery itself. Please do not go for surgery until you commit yourself to a good aftercare. If you are unwilling to follow post-operative instructions, you will end up with less than perfect results and be unhappy. Your surgeon will also be unhappy because all his hard work will not finally produce the results that he would have wanted.
happy people after top plastic cosmetic surgery results done by best plastic cosmetic surgeon in india kolkata
Cosmetic surgery is becoming increasingly popular in India.  Tremendous advances are being made in plastic surgery. A wide range of treatments are on offer. Thus, the common man can easily get confused about making the right choice, given the vast range of cosmetic surgical interventions available. This is precisely why a good consultation is vital for any treatment. 

happy after top plastic cosmetic results by best plastic cosmetic surgeon in india kolkataYou’ll only get the result you want if you have a cosmetic procedure done for the right reasons, at the right time, in the right place and with the right surgeon who understands your needs. 

This will ensure that the vast majority of cosmetic procedures end with perfect results and with happy and satisfied patients.

Important Note: 
Dr Srinjoy Saha does not support online or telephonic consultation in plastic surgery. In plastic surgery, many alternatives may be present for performing one procedure. The exact alternative can be finalized only after assessing particular needs of the patient during consultation. No diagnosis or management will be offered by Dr Srinjoy Saha either online or over phone. Site visitors / patients are requested to maintain the sanctity of any existing doctor-patient relationship that they may have with their existing physician and not demand anything which may harm this sacred trust.

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