Facial Plastic Surgery

" I received exceptional personal care and consideration during my difficult surgery. From the bottom of my heart, thank you Dr Srinjoy Saha. "
Face mirrors your inner self. Bright face conveys your inner richness to the world. Facial contour and appearance is best enhanced by a wide range of facial plastic surgery. It includes rhinoplasty,  facial sculpting, hair transplant, eyelid surgery, facelift, botox, fillers, fat grafts, lip and ear surgery. Balancing and refining facial appearance improves both function and aesthetics. Putting your best face forward will boost your confidence, maximise your life and greatly enhance your career.
Best facial plastic surgery by Dr Srinjoy Saha in Kolkata India brightens balances and refines face to make it more attractive.
Facial plastic surgery brightens, balances and refines face to make it more attractive.


Rhinoplasty or Nose Job is a plastic surgery to change form and function of your nose. Changes range from subtle refinements to more dramatic enhancements. Best results in rhinoplasty are tailored to your unique facial anatomy and desires. Rhinoplasty results best look beautiful and natural, and does not appear operated upon. Dr. Srinjoy Saha is an experienced nose surgeon with technical brilliance, deep knowledge, artistry, great patient care and meticulous attention to detail.

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Best rhinoplasty or nose job results in Kolkata India by Dr Srinjoy Saha. Sculpt your nose shape to make it beautiful and attractive.
Rhinoplasty or Nose Job is performed to sculpt beautiful and attractive nose shape.

Acne Scar Treatment.

Scars from previous cystic acne are frustrating and diminish self-confidence. Best results are possible by combining different treatment options. There is no 'one size fits all' and 'one treatment heals all' in acne scars. Treatments for acne scar ranges from laser - ablative and fractional, laser resurfacing, dermabrasion, chemical peels, subcision (release of scars by surgical means), microneedling, platelet rich plasma, dermal fillers and fat grafts to fill deep scars. Depending on what you have and what you need, a combination of some or all of these treatments will be required.
Acne scars are a frustrating problem and require combination treatment for best results.

Facial Contouring Surgery.

Unique beauty of the face stems from myriad contours and shapes imparted by different facial features. Understanding nuances and interplay of these facial features is crucial in facial contouring surgery. Characteristics:
  • Reduces cheek fat deposits & Achieves aesthetic cheek contouring. 
  • Reduces heavy jowls & Remodels jawline. 
  • Firms sagging skin & Shapes and tones skin over face. 
  • No visible scars or incisions & Natural looking results. 
  • Works quickly as one treatment & Minimum recovery time.
Facial contouring surgery highlights the unique beauty of your face.

Dimple Creation.

Dimple occurs when there is an opening in the cheek muscle called buccinator. If you do not have it
but desire one, a minimally invasive plastic surgery called Dimple-plasty will help you achieve it. It is considered highly attractive, a sign of youth and beauty, and making smiles more attractive in many cultures and regions worldwide. People born with natural dimples may lose them or see their depth reduced in older age, as skin and muscle weight changes. They can also benefit from this procedure.
Dimpleplasty is a minimal invasive plastic surgery to create dimples in cheeks.


Facelift is an excellent plastic surgery to reverse changes and restore youthful appearance to ageing face and neck. Structural support of the face like SMAS and platysma is shaped and resuspended to achieve long lasting, natural looking results. Best results in facelift looks more natural, younger and subtly improved version of your own face. It does not look exaggerated, mask-like or operated upon. Significant improvements in face and neck are possible for both men and women.
Facelift reverses changes and restores youthful appearance to face.

Ear Surgery.

Prominent ears is the most common deformity of ear, involve both ears or just one and run in families. It may be a troublesome source of teasing, with children getting called nicknames like 'dumbo ears' . Ear problems vary, including a deep cup, lack of fold development, and different cartilage deformities. All these structural problems need surgical correction. Otoplasty is a specialised plastic surgery of the ears that cuts folds and sutures ear cartilages to create a normal looking ear.
Ear surgery cuts folds and sutures ear cartilages to create a normal looking ear.

Lip Contouring Surgery.

Lip reduction surgery is performed to reduce size and reshape the lips. Oversized lips can interfere with speech, disturb balance in facial appearance and may be disproportionate.
Lip enhancement, lip augmentation and lip injections achieve fuller, more defined lips. It reverses ageing changes where lips lose fullness and definition. Good techniques restore your natural lip shape through careful attention to overall shape, restoring cupid's bow and balance with rest of your face.
Lip reduction or Lip enhancement restores shape and balance in your face.

Eyelid Lift / Blepharoplasty.

Eyelid lift or Blepharoplasty is plastic surgery of the eyes to make it look more youthful and refreshed. A bright youthful eye brightens up the face. It is performed both on the upper and lower eyelids. Scars are hidden or camouflaged. It can fix all of these problems to a varying extent: 
  • Tired looking eyes 
  • Drooping eyelids 
  • Dark circles under eyes 
  • Puffy bags under eyes 
  • Deep lines below eyes (Tear trough) 
  • Hooding of eyelids 
  • Asian eyelids lacking upper eye crease 
  • Prominent crow's feet.
Eyelid Lift or Blepharoplasty makes eyes look youthful and refreshed.

Neck Lift & Neck Liposuction.

Excess fat in the neck may not suit your facial profile. Fat may be present both in the front and the back, leading to a 'bull-neck' appearance. Liposuction of neck can be done to suck out the fat and contour overlying neck skin through few tiny cuts along the neck crease. If you have 'turkey-neck', with sagging and drooping skin and prominent neck folds and bands, Neck Lift will help redefining your neck contours. Muscles of neck are tightened both at the central and peripheral areas. Excess skin is excised out and neck contours redefined as wanted.
Neck liposuction and lift defines  and highlights neck contours.

Browlift / Foreheadplasty.

Your eyebrows descend downwards and lose their curve as you age, becoming flat and low. Laxity of tissues with age and gravitational pull on the upper face are the culprits. It can make you look sad, tired, angry or grumpy. Browlift is done to correct this anomaly. Incisions are placed behind the hairline to make them invisible. Brows are elevated to recreate brow-curve. It brightens up the entire upper face and reduces wrinkles, creases and furrows on the forehead dramatically.
Browlift brightens up entire upper face and reduces forehead wrinkles & furrows.

Facial Implants.

Many are born with asymmetric face proportions, especially over nose, cheeks and chin. Facial implants are designed to correct these inequalities and restore balance and harmony in the face. Implants may be placed on your nose to increase dorsal height and make it attractive. Implants on top of cheekbones highlight sharpness of your face. Chin implants would help if you have retruded or underdeveloped chin. If you have one side of face more prominent than the other, implants placed on the deficient side restores balance and reveals your hidden inner beauty.
Facial implants restores balance and symmetry to face.

Chin Surgery.

Chin is extremely beneficial for facial balance and harmony. Over-projecting chin (witch's chin) makes face look older. Under-developed retruded chin will make you look odd and stupid. Dr. Srinjoy Saha reshapes chin by placing implants to lengthen retruded chin, or by cutting the bone and reshaping bone into proper shape with titanium plates and screws. Once facial balance and harmony is restored, there is a dramatic improvement in the treated face.
Chin surgery can project or reduce chin, dramatically improving appearance.

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