Hair Loss

What is Hair Loss?
Temporary or Permanent Hair Loss occurs when a variety of factors affect hair growth cycle in a bad way. During Hair Loss, hair grows for shorter periods of time and become smaller, finer, lighter until it approaches the vellus hair stage. This process is called miniaturizationHair Loss is permanent thereafter, resulting in baldness.

What are the known causes of Hair Loss and Baldness?
Hereditary thinning / baldness pattern; Excessive use of hair chemicals like dyes, straighteners and permanent waves; Medications; Radiotherapy; Chemotherapy; High fever / severe infection; Hormonal imbalances; Thyroid disease; Iron deficiency; Major surgery / Long term illness; Nutritional factors; Inadequate protein in diet; After childbirth in women;  Dandruff and fungal infections of the scalp; Nervous hair tugging or pulling; Excessive smoking; Generalized or Localized Skin disease and Stress.

hair loss stages of follicles before hair transplant by best plastic surgeon kolkata top cosmetic surgeon india
Stages of Progressive Miniaturization of the Hair Follicles before Hair Loss
What is the best possible procedure for Permanent Hair Loss?
Surgically performed hair transplant is the most effective answer.  Provided of course, that the person with permanent hair loss has sufficient donor area at the back of his head.

What are the other treatments for Hair Loss
Identification of any medical or other causes of hair loss is necessary. Treatment of these causes results in best possible reversal of hair loss and preventing baldness.
Minoxidil and Low dose Finasteride have the best effect amongst medicines for baldness. Mesotherapy can be considered in selected cases. Some exciting new developments like PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma) and Botox in a specially delivered pattern, have resulted in good reversal of hair loss in many patients.  

What is PRP?  Is it done in India? 
Platelet Rich Plasma or PRP is an exciting new treatment where small amount of patient's own blood is used to prevent his own hair loss. It is processed in a special way so that only the portion of blood which contains growth factors and local hormones are isolated. These are then used to prevent hair loss and reverse baldness in the same person. The benefit of this technique is that it is completely natural. We perform PRP in willing patients with good results for reversing baldness.

Best Tips for Hair Care:
  • Healthy lifestyle = healthy hair.
  • Get enough sleep. Be relaxed. 
  • No tight fitting caps or hats. Causes poor scalp circulation and poor nourishment of the hair follicles. Sweat & dirt builds up, which is bad for hair.
  • Avoid hair styling products being applied directly on the scalp.
  • Regular washing of the hair - ensure that it is clean.
  • Shower with warm water at most. Never hot water, which damages the scalp and hair roots.
  • While shampooing / conditioning, be gentle. Avoid excessive force. 
  • Avoid brushing / combing of wet hair. It causes hair breakage. Wait until the hair is dry before brushing. Again, be gentle.
  • Avoid too much physical stress on the hair. If you are losing hair, avoid braids and ponytails. They cause constant stress on the hair.
  • Avoid excessive wind, sun, heat (from hair dryers, curling irons, hot showers) on hair.
  • Hair colouring - limit to once every 2 months to minimize damages to the hair.
  • Trim any split ends.

Best Tips for Hair Styling:
For Males:  Hair may be grown longer on the top and shorter on the sides, to give a thicker-looking style.
For Females: May try different hair styles. To get a fuller look, hair curling is a good option. If ponytail, a looser style is best. Hair may also be allowed to hang straight.
For Thin Hair individuals: If a thicker look is required, hair is best cut in layers. A volumising shampoo is also helpful.  
For Short Hair individuals: Use of a toothbrush to manage short strands and give the hair more lift is a good idea.
Maintain Hair Styling: Sleeping on a satin pillow is a good way of preventing the hair from losing its style overnight. When travelling, it is a good idea to carry one alongside.

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